How I Found Love in Asia (the Philippines)

Today I thought I’d share my story on how I met a woman from the Philippines and fell completely in love. I’ve never been happier and I thought it would be a good chance for me to share my story.

I’ve been pretty successful in some aspects of my life. I have a great job and some days I don’t even feel like I am working (other days I do, but let’s keep this positive). I have been blessed with exceptional health, and people often think that I’m about 10 years younger than my actual age (some think I’m even younger than that). I have carefully saved my money over the years and everything is in order financially. You could say I’m living the dream, whatever that may mean.

But I can’t really say the same thing for my love life. I dated a little bit in college, but my luck with American girls just hasn’t really been the greatest. For whatever reason they just never seemed to like me very much. I had always heard that nice guys finish first, but that didn’t seem to be the case with most of the girls I had met through my lifetime. A lot of them seemed to go for the major jerks and were content to leave men like me sitting home alone on a Friday night.

Once I reached my late 30’s I decided it was time to look elsewhere. I had always heard about how women in the Philippines are beautiful, traditional, and open to dating Western men.   I started doing some research. This website on Filipina dating tips was particularly helpful to me–this blogger taught me a lot about what to look for if I was going to correspond with girls online.

I tried my luck and joined the website that the before-mentioned blogger recommended. To my surprise, there were quite a few Filipinas that expressed interested in me. Most of them were a decade or so younger than I (women that age here in the States are more interested in chasing clueless guys their own age). I chatted with several but finally narrowed it down to one young lady that kind of stood out from the rest.

Our relationship grew to the point that we were chatting online almost every day (with a webcam). She never asked me for any money or gifts (the website I mentioned said that kind of behavior is a warning sign of bad intentions). She was really excited when I told her I wanted to come meet her and her family in person.

white-beach-605186_960_720I made the trip to the Philippines and met her in person. Some of my friends and family weren’t too sure about this, but I decided she was worth the risk of taking a trip around the globe. She was even more beautiful in person than she was on the video camera and we really got along well. Her family liked me too, which made things even better.

I asked her to marry me before leaving the Philippines and she said “yes.” We began working on the paperwork for her fiancee visa and she was here with me within about six months (it seemed like longer, but we survived the wait).

I know not all stories end up happy like mine, but I’m sure glad I decided to look for love in the Philippines.  Check out for more great advice on this subject.